Our Team

Pelumi A.


Pelumi A is a highly accomplished individual, graduating with honors in Business Administration and Management. With a profound passion for Agribusiness, Ecommerce, and Charity, Pelumi has dedicated himself to making a meaningful impact in these fields. His extensive knowledge and expertise are further augmented by his diverse educational background, including diplomas in Project Management, Supply and Logistics Management, Agribusiness Management, and Sustainability and Development. This comprehensive skill set equips Pelumi with the necessary tools to navigate complex challenges and develop innovative solutions. Driven by a strong commitment to excellence, Pelumi combines his academic achievements with practical experience to drive positive change in the industry. His strategic thinking, coupled with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of Agribusiness, Ecommerce, and Charity, positions him as a valuable asset in fostering growth and sustainability. Through continuous learning and a genuine passion for making a difference, Pelumi Aborisade consistently strives to create a lasting impact in the areas he is passionate about.

Oluwatosin F

Logistics Manager

Oluwatosin is a seasoned Logistics and Supply consultant specializing in Agriculture and Transport. With a keen focus on food distribution, he ensures the efficient movement of food products and farm produce throughout Nigeria and Africa. Born in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, he has dedicated himself to researching food processing and supply, taking him to three African countries – Benin Republic, Togo, and Ghana. During his exploration, Falana ventured into aquaculture, successfully producing and supplying tons of high-quality fish across the country. In pursuit of his academic goals, he embarked on a journey to Cyprus University in 2017, where he studied Business Administration and Management. Currently, Falana also serves as a transport consultant, collaborating with Sharjah Taxi in the UAE. Beyond his professional achievements, he finds joy in his role as a loving husband to Oluwatosin Helen and a proud father to their daughter, Oluwadabira.

Balogun O.A

Director of Operations

Balogun O.A, MNIM, ACIPM, HRPL. With a foundation in Business Administration, Oluwafemi Balogun is one of the finest entrepreneurial-inclined youths around. The certified Member of Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) has over time nurtured himself in the Agricultural Ecology; Fauna and Flora, as evident in his big time involvement around Ibadan, prominently at the Akinyele axis of one of Africa’s largest cities. Also a Member of The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM), Oluwafemi has handled a handful of operations with/for different organizations which includes, but not limited to, Ekiti State Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and Lions Clubs International. The man who is a Geographic Information Sciences Analyst by profession, has always housed a strong knack for troubleshooting and problem-solving in a plethora of life’s fields, and is an all-round operations machine in himself. In the years past, he has managed efficiently affairs related to investments, agriculture, technology, charity, education, human mentorship, fiscal auditing, project management, research operations, and labour worforce amongst a host of others. The man, by all standards, stays invaluable to the workspace; regionally, and internationally.